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An addition to SJ 10. FESTIVITY - BACKSTAGE - Perché no?

Until relatively recently, young Western women would get married in white to

proclaim their purity, a sort of reward for arriving at marriage a virgin, or to safeguard their social image.

Disengaged from the ideals of purity and chastity, Vague Atelier's dresses tell a different story, in which marriage need not be the only protagonist. 


Mother and daughter, Paola Grappasonni and Margherita Cafagna, are the founders of Vague, an online atelier of vintage wedding dresses that has the aim to subvert the traditional rules of the wedding dress.

Its mission is in fact much more than reselling wedding dresses — they want to allow these dresses not only to live one more time before being restored in a wardrobe, but also to be shown from another point of view, revolutionising their meaning, and normalising their use outside of the 'big day,' like any other evening dress.


Originally from Rome but now living in the countryside, they use part of their cottage, which has a large window and a hallway, to store the clothes they sell in their Etsy shop. At the same time, however, they offer the possibility of measuring the garments in-house, welcoming people from all over the world.


While Paola takes care of research and restoration, Margherita works on brand communication — she takes the photos on their website and social pages. Analogue photographs, imperfect but at the same time familiar, which contrast with the idea of a preset design, of an ideal, perfect place.

Although the brand is only at the beginning of its life, Paola and Margherita have already succeeded in communicating their vision. This is evinced by the fact that their clientele consists of 'brides-to-be' as much as people who choose one of their dresses for other occasions... or both.

Words by Asia Pedron


Read the full article about Vague Atelier and more in our last issue: 10 FESTIVITY.

Also available in its digital version


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