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SENTIMENTAL JOURNAL Magazine - Advertising Opportunities for 2023


At SENTIMENTAL JOURNAL Magazine, we embrace a holistic approach to advertising, seeking partners who share our values and aesthetics. Our goal is to maintain a seamless integration between advertisements and our commissioned content. We are particularly interested in collaborating with brands and companies that prioritize cultural heritage, art, craftsmanship, design, handmade goods, international fundraising for beautiful projects, museums, and special products that fit within our theme.

Print Advertising Rates - 2023


Rates 2023                                                                   Full colour             More to tell

2/1 spread magazine                                                         2750

2/1 spread back or front cover                                       3250

1/1 page                                                                                   1650

1/1 inside front cover                                                          1950

 1/1 inside back cover                                                        1750

1/2 page                                                                                     975


Advertorial (1 column 75 words + 1 picture)                                                    250

Advertorial (1 column 100 words + 1 picture)                                                 325

Advertorial (2 columns 100 words + 2 pictures)                                             450

Advertorial (2 columns 150 words + 2 pictures)                                             500

Full-Page Ad:

In each issue of SENTIMENTAL JOURNAL Magazine, we reserve space for a limited number of full-page ads. If your brand aligns with our vision and values, we invite you to explore this option for promoting your products or services.

Adertorial Ad (more to tell):

For creatives, artists, designers, craftspeople, and companies looking for a more concise advertisement space, we offer a quarter-page option in every issue.

To learn more about our advertising opportunities and receive our media kit for 2023, please don't hesitate to contact us: |  Cissy Smeets | Sales manager.

Contact us today to explore how SENTIMENTAL JOURNAL Magazine can be the perfect platform for your brand to reach our audience of like-minded individuals. Together, we can create a meaningful and impactful advertising experience.


Apart from this, we like to talk to you in order to realise a tailor-made cooperation.


Front-cover gatefolds, internal gatefolds, special advertising sections

and advertisement promotions are available subject to quotation.

All advertisement rates are stated in Euro’s and subject to VAT at the rate applicable at the time of invoicing.

In order to make the magazine as uniform as possible, we offer to include the page layout (all in agreement).

For more information download here the Media Kit


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